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Applied Abstraction (part 3)

Quick Review

I have raised quite a few points from just a small section of code. It is clear a failure to apply abstraction well has subsequently allowed the misplacement of system responsibilities within the AssignmentForm class. The business policy details belong not on a user interface class but on a domain class or something similar. The domain model has the role of representing the business domain, its relationships and its policies. Centralising business logic in the domain model keeps all of the important details in one place, and it should be through abstraction that these details are exposed to the rest of the software in a way that keeps the how hidden behind the what.

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Get Down!

I used to know how to shake my booty – heres a family video:

But age caught up with me – I couldnt run fast enough. However, check me out now – a little older, a few gray hairs, but I still know how to show the ladies a good time :


Dear Future Me…

View the Public Entries – some weird, some stupid, some moving.

Estimation Smell

Sometimes it seems there are dependencies in user stories, and the dependency can cause confusion on how to proceed with the estimates, and like many things estimation isnt an exact science. A number of times over the past year this problem has cropped up in some form or another. One approach I like is to think of the stories in isolation, because it not only keeps things simpler for everybody during planning, but it also works very well with the principle of change – the customer is allowed to change priorities.

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This is an excellent example of computer science – the Music Genome Project and its application.

Moments of Grace

The profundity of life can sometimes be right here in the present moment – it doesnt need to be out there, somewhere special.

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Applied Abstraction (Part 2)

Part 2 – Looking at the code…
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