I dont know what it was that first attracted me to the agile movement, but there has been many occasion when I have felt like there was something beyond the immediate, tangible aspects of the fruits of the practice that beckoned me, something deeper.  A good few years on, I realize that what makes agile development work, as cliche as it might seem, is its harmony with the laws of life itself.  It works because it embraces change, and at the heart of change is the unrelenting movement of impermanence.  Most software project neurosis stems from a failure to understand this law – they fight to create fixtures that become edifices of a deeper misunderstanding about life itself – that things must and can remain.  The only thing that must and can remain is the truth that nothing remains the same.  So it is that any endeavour that holds close to its heart the universal practice of flowing with the ever changing, ever unfolding of reality, is one that will succeed.  To say “its Agile”, so far down the history of the whole movement, is to miss the very point that is its essence – theres no such thingas Agile.

All there is is letting go, allowing and embracing change as a natural process of the universe, and aligning with the underlying forces, rather than fighting them in the interminable endeavour of the ego to make things concrete.  Nothing remains the same, not even those grandiose ideas created by our own greatness – they fade away as the rolling waves of time erode their existence into the depths of history.  To remain fixed on our ideas, on our decisions that are the beacons of our greatness in the workplace, is to simply create  coffins out of empty vessels of once interesting ideas.

As 2009 nears its end, I hope the future involves less about the past and more about making the best decisions to allow change to arise from the present moment based on facts as they present themselves Now.  Old ideas about what should work will be replaced with feedback from experience, to help guide decisions on what needs to change, be it process, communication, software development or anything else for that matter.  Its all the same nothingness in the end.

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